Thomas Leveritt is a half-American, half-British artist and writer who lives in New York. He has received the Carroll Medal for Portraiture, the Somerset Maugham Award for Literature, and the Betty Trask first novel award. He owns a digital production company which made this video about ultraviolet light, and produces various commercial campaigns.

Fine Art: portraitsinterferencestill lifesamizdatworks on paperNewmarket, dawn stringarchipelagomillfragments, the girl in the gingerbread blizzard, a painting for the officers' mess of a British regiment, this pageflora.

Ice cream shoot.jpg

WritingThe Pale Cast of Thought (Harper's Magazine); Selenium Valley, a short story about nineteenth-century chemist J.J. Berzelius (The Line); The Exchange-rate between lust and money, a prostitute strike in Amsterdam (n+1); Johnny Two Times, a review of a bad Jonathan Lethem book that the Daily Beast spiked; Menarche in the USA, review of an Ashley Cardiff memoir (The Daily Beast); Burn Before Reading, Nabokov's The Original Of Laura (The Independent); The Dude Abides, Pynchon's Inherent Vice (The Independent); The Exchange-rate between love and money, a 2008 novel - 'verbally dazzling' (Guardian), 'love story, tone poem, and seething meditation on history and politics... by turns exuberant, furious, bawdy, and mournful' (New Yorker), with a 'frankly awful jacket' (Daily Mail). 

Digital Media: at Leveritt Inc

PRESS: Guardian, SpiegelSimon & Schuster, io9SlateABCRTL3AM Magazine, Trainwreck'dNY Daily News.

GET IN TOUCH IF YOU LIKE: tom at leveritt dot com.